Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment™

Early detection empowers you to take control of your health. A Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment adds non-invasive screening to your regular annual physical exam at no extra cost to you. The additional screenings can uncover frequently undiagnosed health conditions.

Take advantage of all your essential health benefits and more!

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Personal Assessments

The Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment can take your annual physical exams to the next level.

Community Health

Healthy communities are happier communities. We provide comprehensive on-site Assessments.

Employee Health

Businesses who care for the health of their employees has happier employees. We provide on-site services.

Active Adult Communities

Community managers love the praise from their residents who participate in the Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment.

Harmony is committed to empowering people…

to take charge of their health so they developed a comprehensive assessment. Harmony Medical Care believes that people matter and that great health is essential to achieving the highest quality of life. Harmony is dedicated to helping people like you to achieve the best health possible.

Over 10 Assessments, Tests, and Scans

Little to no out-of-pocket costs

On-site and time-efficient assessments

Earlier detection of hidden health conditions

Our Assessments Typically Include:

Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy
Allergy testing is a quick way to determine exactly what is causing uncomfortable symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, watery or itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, headaches and more.
Auditory Screening
People tend to compensate for hearing loss without realizing how much it is affecting their lives. This quick screening is often the first step to finding hearing loss in adults.
Body Composition Screening
Because so many of today’s diseases are linked to obesity, a body composition screening is the first step to empowering people to take control of their health with lifestyle changes that include changing what they eat and how much they exercise.
Bone Density Testing
Early detection of osteopenia and osteoporosis allows patients to make dietary and medication choices that significantly change the course of the disease.
Diabetes Screening
It takes a simple screening test to find diabetes while it is still possible to treat it with dietary and lifestyle changes.
Dermatology Screening
Pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions are sometimes easily missed without a professional skin exam.
Gastro-intestinal Health Screening
Early detection and treatment of colon cancer is the number one factor in positively changing the disease outcome.
Heart Health Screening
Heart disease usually has no symptoms and is very often a lifestyle disease making early detection important for the prevention and treatment of heart disease.
Lab Services
Often, the only sign that body functions and systems are compromised are the lab tests that are vital to early detection of disease.
Pulmonary Function Assessment
Early detection of compromised breathing helps patients understand how limited their breathing might be and to better treat the reason for breathing compromise.
Ultrasound Screening
An ultrasound screening not only finds problems in the early stages, making them more treatable but also brings peace of mind.
Vision Screening
Quality of life is improved when vision problems are treated early in the process and detection is made possible with the vision screening patients receive as part of their assessment.

Quick Stats

120 Minutes or Less

The average time it takes to complete the Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment is less than a 2-hour movie.

3500+ Assessments Completed

Since 2015, over 3500 people have participated in the Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment.

35,000+ Tests & Results

Everyone having a Comprehensive Whole-body Screening receives on average 10 or more tests with results and insights into improving their health. Harmony has produced over 35,000 tests and results.

100's of Communities

Our mobile units make it possible for us to bring all the assessments and tests right into your community. We serve 100’s of communities every year!

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Empowering Everyone to Take Control in 1 – 2 – 3…

1 - Complete the Assessment

In less than a couple of hours, you receive over 10 specialized health assessments, scans, and lab tests. The combination of these tests gives you an in-depth look at your overall health.

2 - One-on-One Provider Consultation

Each Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment includes two one-on-one consultations with a medical provider. The physician will cover any immediate needs in the first visit. On the second visit, they will present the results of your labs and tests and discuss next steps to better health!

3 - Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment Book

Every participant is presented with all of their results with an accompanying, exclusive Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment book. The combination of your results and book, along with the follow-up consultation with our provider empowers you to take control of their health.

Our Mission

To empower everyone to take control of their health!

Because healthcare is multi-faceted, Harmony Healthcare developed the Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment to include screening tools that would cover a broad array of health-related conditions and diseases. Additionally, for as many people as possible to benefit from this valuable service, we have made the assessment affordable and convenient.

Paul Laven DO – Medical Director

“The annual physical does not amount to much. This assessment gives you more information and everyone should get one.” James V Milan

Completed Assessments - May 2018

This provided more information to me than most of my annual physicals combined. Everyone I dealt with was very helpful and nice.Ryan Donovan

Completed Assessments in April, 2018

“They where the first to test and discover that I was in a-fib. I was immediately sent to the hospital and taken care of. I owe my life to Harmony!” Joann Saunder

Completed Assessments in December 2017

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